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New Website!
After deep consideration and remodeling I gave my website a very needed new look! This look is more professional and catches the eye more! You will have a lot more fun on this new edition! More eye popping stuff, an updated merchandise store, more music and books, and more updates! You'll be sure to like this new update more! Be sure to come back daily to check out the new merchandise, news, videos, and looks into my books!

Different Shades of Dreams now available to buy!

Excited about BreAnn's new book? She is, too! You can now find Different Shades of Dreams (DSOD) at your local retail store! Wanting to save on gas? No worries! You can now buy DSOD at with just a click! Don't wait too long! This book is calling your name and wanting you to buy it! Amari and her world await for YOU!

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